Puget Sound Restoration Fund

Puget Sound Restoration Fund


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Founded in 1997, Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF) works to restore abundant marine resources and our connections to them. We spearhead a diverse portfolio of in-the-water projects throughout Puget Sound. Our main focus is restoring living marine habitat and species, using structure forming species (Olympia oysters, bull kelp) and habitat enhancing species (pinto abalone). These species are critical to the food web, too, and maintain the living marine architecture that supports the marine ecosystem in Puget Sound and beyond. Restoration of these core elements has ripple effects, restoring function and providing direct and indirect support to fish and marine mammals throughout the food web. Another focus of our restoration is maintaining and recovering clean water in shellfish growing areas and developing mitigation strategies for ocean acidification. PSRF is dedicated to measurably improving conditions in Puget Sound through: improved water quality, increased abundance of native species, additional acres of restored habitat, enhanced ecological benefits, and re-forged connections with healthy marine resources. We spur positive, place-based projects. Long-term, we work to restore and maintain a healthy marine system that feeds and sustains us all.

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